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Welcome to Papupainter.com !

Papupainter is a registered online platform for smoother and easy shopping. The content on the website is genuinely original and does not intend to offend an individual or any entity. When you sign up or order from us, you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions mentioned below (taken to be read). Violating the term & conditions will not be entertained.

  • The website has the complete and sole authority to accept, reject, re-accept, block or terminate its registered users. This can be done with or without informing the user prior of the action. It needs a reason for the same but does not owe an explanation to any individual or a third party.
  • Though considered to be an on-going venture, the website may not be available at any time or for a period of time due to technicalities. Co-operation from the visitors and users is expected at such times.
  • The website not only displays but also own its content. All the graphics and text content belong to it. Copying or Downloading such content for unauthorised use is not permitted.
  • Registering/Signing up with the website does not make you liable for any kind of transaction related to the website.
  • All the time periods mentioned on the website for deliveries, returns, etc. are approximately calculated time frames. It is a best-try promise from the owner and not a contract with the customer. Failing to do so because of technical difficulties, political imbalance, regional outstretch, un-reachability, etc. does not give a right to the customer to file against the website.
  • The return policy has its own set of terms & conditions. A return violating such terms will not be accepted.
  • We might not accept returns on the products purchased in special sales.
  • We provide Cash On Delivery(COD) service everywhere within the country. Though there are few places where this service has not been developed by any of the logistic partners. Therefore such a service does not apply in those areas and notice will be sent for the same.
  • We encourage that the minors(below 18 of age) to use our services only under the supervision of their parents/guardians owning an account. Any complaint or suit against the site should then be from the parents/guardians and not from the minors.
  • Replacement of damaged products is assured once proved that the damage occurred before the delivery and not after.
  • The website and the owner does not make any representations or give guarantees/warranties of any kind in every case.
  • The offers/sales/vouchers are valid only for a specific period of time decided by the working team and can be put off at any point of time without prior information.

We can change the term & conditions of the website from time to time depending on the company's needs and requirement. Any complaints will first require to refer to the term & conditions prevailing at that time and not before or after that.

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