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Createx Extender/Transparent Base

Product Code: 5601-02
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rs.561
Ex Tax: Rs.475
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5601 Transparent Base – Colorless, resin base of Createx Airbrush Colors which serves a variety of functions. Transparent Base appears milky in solution and dries to a clear film.

• Use as a thinner by mixing with colors to increase transparency and help improve flow. As Transparent Base has resin, it may be mixed in any ratio with other Createx Airbrush Colors without creating a loss of adhesion.

• Use as a light protective coating which may be applied over colors. For washfast textile painting, heat cure Transparent Base after application over colors.

• Use for preparation onto fabric prior to painting to prevent fabric knap from interfering while airbrushing. Heat cure Transparent Base prior to applying colors.

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